Sunday, 25 July 2010

Bell Hall's Man on the Mountain reports back

Yorkie was working out at the TDF as a modern day Willy Voet drug mule.. he took some time out from spinning Larry's white blood cells to take a few snaps.

Looks like Dave Brailsford needs to up his marginal gains programme .. maybe if he stopped them wearing those stupid "magical bracelets".. or perhaps Wiggo's dream-catcher was tangled or his homeopathic bidon was under diluted? drop the mumbo jumbo and up the meds Sky.

Pretty good tour all in all, pretty rough on the riders which is good. I'd have preferred Schleck to have beaten Bertie but I don't buy all this whinging about mechanicals. Cuddles lost me £300 but who's counting.

Next year should be even better, Lance will be busy paying Landis off, Cancellara will be on the same bike as Valentino Rossi, and Renshaw will be wearing the UFC belt..

photos all from yorkies flickr

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