Monday, 16 February 2009

What a load of pricks you really are

Comment on the fixed gear leeds facebook site

"I suppose you think that kind of behavior is clever then? 'Racing' round the streets of Leeds with no regard for the safety of pedestrians and a distinct lack of adherence to the rules of the road. Jumping red lights, weaving through pedestrians on walkways cutting up cars, riding on the wrong side of the road....

It's dick heads like you lot that give cyclists a bad name, and it's people like you that motorists despise. Who could blame them? Next time you want to race your fixed gear machines (if they are, could have sworn I saw some of you jokers freewheeling on your suicidal video) why not try Manchester velodrome, you can go as fast as you like, there are no pedestrians to injure and no motorists to piss off.

If you really must race on the road then you need to obtain Police permission and you need a rolling road closure or complete closure if in a Town centre. Why not make it a spectacle for all to enjoy, and most of all you will not be breaking every law under the sun.

There are organised races happening all the time, so what don't you turn up some time and see what 'real' racing is?"

and here is the nicely written rebuttal;

"Get down of your pulpit, you cock. I notice the expensive skin suit, aero helmet and dedicated TT bike. Well, I've raced in time trials, and the riders take far more risks by hammering along on A roads, sitting right out in traffic, slipstreaming cars and trucks, just to chase fast times. How many times have cars been forced to take risky manouveres to avoid your gimp-suited bod as you try to beat your personal best on the ever so secret A335733 course? The avereage lad on the street couldn't even find a time trial race, never mind compete in one. And don't bleat on about road races. If any of the lads who raced on Sunday turned up to any BC event on the bikes they used for the Alleycat they would be laughed off the course.
These alleycats ARE dangerous, but they are a natural repsonse to the red tape and form-filling that you and your ilk apparentley thrive on. Police permission? rolling road closures? Try googling Percy Stallard, and you'll find a hero who rebelled agains the stuffy establishment of British cycling, a man who would not keep grovelling to the motoring lobbies and an over controlling Police force, and who got lads on their bikes and just raced. We'd still be performing Time Trials at three o'clock on a Sunday morning wearing Alpaca clothing, if people like you were in charge, Mr Tunnicliffe.
I don't condone the risks taken on Sunday, but it was mental, exciting, challenging and fresh, and this fairly fit road man got his arse kicked by about twenty young lads in rolled up jeans and wooly jumpers.
Nearly fifty people from all over the country attended this bash, organised by local lads, just for fun.
Sometines you have to say fuck red tape, fuck danger, fuck convention.
Let's just race"

leeds valentine alleycat from donnacha carroll on Vimeo.

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